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Tiffany Martin RN,CYN

Certified YogaNurse ®

Hi welcome to my website,

I have been a nurse for over 8 years and have spent my entire career working in a large teaching hospital. After dealing with my own personal health issues, I began taking yoga classes and embraced a holistic approach to health and wellbeing . I loved the way yoga healed my physical body so I decided to become a yoga teacher to help others experience this healing.

After about 4 years into my consistent yoga practice, I learned that while my physical body had healed; emotionally  and spiritually I was still a mess! This was around the time I began training to become a Certified YogaNurse. It was during this training that I finally grasped the meaning of yoga which means "union". Furthermore, I learned according to yoga, the cause of all suffering is separation from God.  So yoga creates union- with ourselves and God. After learning this, I started intentionally inviting the Holy Spirit into my practice, I would begin my practice with prayer, and would read a scripture or two and meditate on it during my practice. I also started attending church regularly and began reading my bible, because I wanted relief from my suffering and I knew the only way to do that was to draw nearer to God!


It is now my mission to reach other women, who have been where I once was. I was in pain on all levels physically, mentally, and spiritually . My healing and transformation is a result of a yoga practice that led me right back to God. All the healing is done through the Holy Spirit.

I combine my nursing education, yoga training, and guidance from the Holy Spirit to deliver a yoga class, that will not only nourish your mind, body, and spirit but ultimately help you come to know the Lord and experience healing that only he can bring.





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